Rogue, spy, and defender of Callishar




Bel was born on the orc side of the wall. The early years of Bel’s life were spent trying to survive on the streets of Lekeor. Bel if anything is a survivor. Living in alleys, stealing what he could, living on the detritus of others, and avoiding the dangers of street life he scratched out a meager existence. As Bel got older he became more of an annoyance to the local vendors and guard and was eventually captured and thrown in prison where he was eventually shipped off to Stonegate to be disposed of. It was here that Bel was sold to Ruthers, one of the members of the Callishar intelligence, as part of a payment on a debt. Ruthers could see potential in the small all-but-forgotten young half-orc.

Life in Ruthers household was like heaven as far as Bel was concerned. There was always a steady supply of food. He had his own small room in the servants quarters and all he need to do was what he was told. Bel eventually got bored with his servant life and it was beginning to show. Bel began sneaking out at nights and prowling the streets, stealing what he could. He had no real need but it was exciting and he was bored silly. It was on one of these evening excursions that Bel learned that he wasn’t quite as talented as he fancied himself. He was beaten unconscious and ,strangely, returned to the Ruthers household by his mysterious attackers.

The evening after Bel’s return Ruthers came to Bel’s room as he lay recovering from his near fatal beating. He told Bel that he had been watching him all these months and could see Bel’s potential and that he was going to have Bel trained and that when Bel was fully trained he would have a special job for him if he felt he was up to it. So it was that Bel was trained as a spy in the employ of the Callishar Intelligence.


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